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More than a third of the Premier League tournament has already passed. The results of many matches turned out to be very surprising, while the number of clubs have fallen so low that it's unknown whether these teams will succeed in making their way to the European cups. In the meantime, use your chance to place your own bet online - 1xBet provides such an opportunity to its customers - and this is a right way to winnings. Therefore, if you follow the English championship or any other tournament, don't miss this opportunity to make good money. In the Premier League, the main disappointment of the first third of the season is, of course, Arsenal's performance. At the end of the previous season, the team won the FA Cup and the Super Cup, so it seemed that the club would fight at least for getting into the top-4. However, in reality it turned out to be completely opposite. The club has stuck in the second half of the standings for a long time. Yes, it can be said that the results table is overcrowded now, but even taking this factor into account, Arsenal's games cannot be called nothing but a failure. However, this shouldn't prevent you from placing your own bet online at 1xBet on confrontations featuring the Gunners. It's worth noting that there are a lot of factors against Arsenal this season:

  • injuries of leaders;
  • constant conflicts within the team;
  • unsuccessful coaching decisions of Arteta.
All this leads to the fact that the team is so low in the standings. Bookmakers don't really believe in it either, if you look at the odds they offer. By the way, now there is a section on https://1xbet.com/en/casino, where you can earn not only on sports confrontations but also on gambling. So don't miss the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and increase your funds.

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As for the prospects of Arteta's players, they look pretty vague. Yes, the lag behind many competitors is not that big, but the team doesn't feel the game at all, it gains points occasionally only due to individual actions of some players. As long as all live bet on 1xBet is available to players, you can predict outcomes of the Gunners' matches. This season, they are rarely successful. The team's attack is extremely weak, and the level of its defense players still doesn't allow to miss too much balls. The team clearly needs some structural changes. However, it's still a question how quickly they will happen. For now, open the section with all live bet on the 1xBet website and make your predictions for the games of Arsenal and its rivals. It's quite possible that the fans will still see changes for the better, because there is still a lot of time before the end of the championship.